Frequently Asked Questions.

How much does Spinbot Cost?

You can use our tool 100% free for lifetime without any hidden charges as long as you want.

How many words per spin?

  • You can spin 10,000 characters per spin, which is about 1000 words (or a medium size essay).

is the text going through articlespinneronline.com ever saved?

  • No. Nothing going in or out of Articlespinneronline is saved.

Is browser based time usage limited?

  • No this is not browser based time usage limited.

What is an 'API' and why might the Articlespinneronline API be useful?

  • API stands for Application Programming Interface.Other website owner embed our tools into website and use our services.
  • Article Spinner Online provides a Web API which can be used for automation of article spinning service. you can find here information about how to embed our API into your website.

  • In the case of Articlespinneronline API, you can use it in your own website or application to rewrite content on the fly.

    1. Set up your own article spinning website that consumes the Articlespinneronline service. You would simply need to implement an income model to offset your Spinbot usage costs and thus turn a profit.
    2. Automatically rewrite a large number of articles that you already own. If you are in the business of hosting free articles and already have a database of thousands or millions of articles, then you could use the Articlespinneronline service to quickly crunch through your database and multiply your existing content.
    3. You can implement Articlespinneronline service into your existing auto-blogging software to create unique content on the fly and then push that content out to your existing blog network.
    4. If you run your own human-powered article writing service, you can use the Articlespinneronline service to multiply your human readable content.